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We are always mindful about the quality of our single-origin teas. We are delighted to bring you the premium grade whether it's from China, India, Taiwan or Japan.

What We've Been Up To

Our Purpose

  • Birth a Tea Culture in the Philippines

    From the moment of Teavolution Ph's conception, the promotion of tea drinking had been foremost in our Founder's mind. We continue to strive day by day to achieve this mission through tea gatherings like Teanuman. If this interests you, send us an email for future schedule.

  • Tea Education

    Our Tea 101 workshop continues to be a popular avenue to learn the fundamentals of tea drinking, brewing, and enjoying the pleasure of this seemingly simple act. Let our Founder Ms Sheryl Ebon Martinez, a certified Tea Sommelier guide you through the process. Sign up now.

    Tea 101 Workshop 
  • Espouse Self-Care Through Tea Rituals

    A brief 10-minute daily tea habit can make a a huge difference in our hectic lives. Learn how to practice self-care though various tea rituals you can enjoy at home or at work. We offer the #DailyTea monthly subscription to begin your journey on the tea path.

    Daily Tea Subscription 
  • Our Premium Products are Back!

    We've restocked your favourite and added several premium products for your #DailyTea. Browse our tea shop for more surprise! Don't forget to check out our blog for some snippets of our visit to tea land - Japan!

    Check out these wonderful tea products here! 
  • From Tea to Pottery

    Our Tea Sommelier and Founder is also a Ceramist- she is continuing the long and ancient tradition of teaware-making, deeply imbued with the sensibilities of a Chajin 茶人 who is constantly steeped in tea.

    ORYOQI™️ Ceramics 

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    Love your Life. Drink your Tea! #DailyTea