The Art of Tea in the Art Scene

The Art of Tea in the Art Scene


It was an incredibly hectic month for yours truly as I teamed up with chef and artist Aleth Ocampo for the third instalment of Les Plats Somptueux, but this time with a Tea Pairing event and ceramics exhibit that was launched June 24, 2023 hosted by Salcedo Private View, NEX Tower. We were thrilled to cater to a sold-out audience and provided a delightful multi-sensory experience for everyone. Chef Aleth and I also collaborated on porcelain tea wares where she painted on the pots that I made and fired and are now being sold at the gallery.

We are grateful to our guests from the media who wrote about the experience HERE, HERE, and HERE

Thank you so much to Richie Lerma and Salcedo Auctions team for this amazing opportunity to share and serve tea in their lovely gallery. I am also very grateful for my friends from my Teanuman group, my Chadō class at the Urasenke Tankokai Manila, and pottery community for the support and love. Here's some photos from the event, with a few images borrowed from Mantle magazine and Salcedo Auctions. 

Thank you as always for the warm support! 

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