Collection: Oryoqi™️ Handmade Teawares by Sheryl Ebon-Martinez

Tea Sommeliere & Founder of Teavolution® Sheryl Ebon-Martinez has embarked on a new passion project making handmade tea ware pottery for Teavolution® with Oryoqi™️.

We are bringing the ancient art of tea drinking into the 21st century creating handmade ceramic tea wares thoroughly mindful of its virtues which are harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. Furthermore, we are inspired to create pieces that define simplicity, sustainability, and practicality in all aspects. 

Embodied in this brand are two oriental concepts: Zen Buddhism's "oryoki", translates to "just enough" and the TCM principle of "Qi" or '"energy flow". In tea making and drinking, these two concepts work together and so we resolve to create tea wares with just enough amount for your needs at any given moment. Whether drinking  by yourself or throwing a tea party for friends & family, we hope to provide these handcrafted products for your enjoyment and satisfaction. 

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