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Xihu Long Jing Chinese Green Tea

Xihu Long Jing Chinese Green Tea

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Steeping Instructions
5g (1Tbsp) 200 ml 80°C
60-90 secs

We personally traveled to the home of famous Long Jing green tea in West Lake, Hangzhou to source this year's spring tea and we are proud to say we found the best specimen for you!  Long Jing has enjoyed the stature of being a tribute tea (gong cha) in ancient China being the Emperor's choice during the Qing Dynasty. This particular harvest was a good one as we enjoy the thick and delicate sweetness that is an inherent character of a good, authentic Long Jing. 

Origin: Meijiawu Village, West Lake, Hangzhou

Benefits: Green tea contains the second highest amount of catechins and amino acids next to white tea, having undergone minimal processing of pan-frying the tea leaves. Catechins have been known to do wonders to our well-being as shown in various medical and scientific research. Regular intake promotes weight loss, helps prevent and fight cancer, maintains oral health, and helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Additional Steeping Instructions:

1) Steep 5g of Long Jing tea leaves in a transparent, heat-resistant glass. Rinse the leaves once with hot water for a period of 20 seconds to prime and wake up the leaves.

2) Pour water up to 1/3 of the 250 ml glass. Make a gentle, swirling motion for 30-40 seconds and watch the leaves slowly descend to the bottom.

3) Add more hot water to fill up the glass and you're in for  a treat as the leaves slowly and gently make its descent to the bottom of the glass. 

4) It is ready to drink when 90% of the leaves have floated down.

5) Infuse the leaves for 60-90 seconds to drink. 

Note:  You can steep our Long Jing as many times as you like until you have fully extracted its full flavor, aroma and benefits. Unlike most green teas, you can leave our Long Jing steeping in water without turning bitter or astringent. Now, hold your cup and enjoy your perfect cup of tea!

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