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Chasen (Matcha Whisk)

Chasen (Matcha Whisk)

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A tea accessory that dates back to the Song dynasty China (10th century), a chasen is probably the most essential tool to making and enjoying the experience of matcha green tea.

This chasen is handmade from a single bamboo to 100-bristle pondate ensuring a delightful and frothy matcha foam. This bamboo measures 2cm-2.5cm thick and 9cm-12cm long.

How to whisk matcha green tea:

First, moisten your matcha with lukewarm water to soften it before use. Sift matcha green tea powder and remove lumps. Place 1.5 chashaku of matcha in a chawan (tea bowl). Pour in 70ml of water with temperature between 80°C-85°C. Take the chasen and whisk the powder in a "W" motion into a frothy lather. Savor the green goodness of matcha green tea. Enjoy!

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