The Year That Was

The Year That Was

2017 was definitely one for the books where we had the most exciting journey deeper into the path of tea. It was filled with workshops, private events and amazing new opportunities as we expand our market to hotels, cafes and restaurants.  We have also started to offer private workshops and tea ceremony demonstration to corporations, schools and companies who wanted a fresh and unique experience for their guests.

While I would always be grateful for every single thing that happens to me while on this path, it was the teaching side that really gets me ecstatic. These sessions keep the fire of my passion for tea aflame. With your continued support, this fire will never be extinguished.

So thank you for the year that was. Below are the highlights of what a great year 2017 will always be. 

Workshop & Events Guests 

February 2017 at the Mount Purro Nature Reserve in Antipolo

March 2017, R (third from left) won our Private Workshop raffle promo and it was one of the most serendipitous day as we found out there are more things that connect us aside from tea.

April 2017 at Unilab's Cardiology conference, Marriott Hotel Manila

April 2017. Taping of my Shop talk interview with Ms Lexi Schulze

May 2017. A mother & son duo attending my workshop at home. P is also a barista and owns a cafe down south in GenSan. She carries our tea brand. ;-)

July 2017. Had a wonderful time with these two who are enamored with tea as much  I am. Thank you, K & C!


A bigger group than the usual. It was another fun afternoon sharing the magic and virtues of the leaf! It was special because my cousin who was also my classmate in gradeschool attended with her only daughter. :-)

August 2017, Jo Malone "Rare Teas" Press Launch at Umu, Dusit Thani. What an awesome experience tasting only the most exquisite and rare teas at a full-course lunch! Photography by Jory Rivera.

My first out-of-town workshop in my hometown of Iloilo City. It was a great time to visit and I was in awe how the city has progressed.

September 2017. I was invited to speak before The Good Life audience at SMX Convention center. It was scary but still a noteworthy experience.

November 2017, Ateneo School of Law- another amazing time tasting different teas and satisfying their curiosities.

December 2017, Private workshop for employees of Cloudstaff, a BPO based in Angeles, Pampanga.

Yes, that was quite an exhilarating ride but I definitely woudn't have it any other way.

Thank you all again and may 2018 be another pleasant surprise!






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