Welcome to Teavolution® Manila: Home of Organic, Pure & Rare Teas!

Welcome to Teavolution® Manila: Home of Organic, Pure & Rare Teas!

Our health is our greatest wealth. Nothing is more reassuring than the knowledge that our body and spirit are in their optimum state.  No other beverage in the world, aside of course from water, satiates or responds to these needs.  Tea, a 5,000 year-old concoction, with over 3,000 varietals from over 30 tea-growing countries, answers these and more. Since a chance incident in its beginnings, it has been the stuff of legends, myths, poems, and books written on this subject since the first century. 

Teavolution Manila aims to bring you the world's most healthy drink in its purest, highest quality, loose-leaf/compressed form. 

Browse our Tea Shop, learn from its many stories and learn the fascinating facts through our Blog about the wondrous offerings of this humble yet magical leaf known as Camellia Sinensis

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Hi, I love your site and selection! Would you happen to have a menu that includes flavor profiles? As a novice tea lover, it would be so helpful if you had an article with your notes and descriptions on flavors/aroma to the different types of tea that you carry. 😊


Hi! May I know where the Teavolution Manila located? Thank you.


Hello, Cheryl.

Thank you for visiting Teavolution Manila today.

As we are a start up, selling in the US is definitely in the plan but we do ship small orders for personal consumption anywhere in the world. Do try to order from our online shop. The package will take between 2-3 weeks.

Do email us directly at info@teavolution-manila.com if you want to know more details.

Thanks and see you soon again,

Sheryl Martinez


I live in New Jersey, USA
I would like to know if you sell your blooming tea anywhere in the US?

Cheryl Kallio

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