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Premium Uji Matcha Japanese Green Tea (Ceremonial-grade))

Premium Uji Matcha Japanese Green Tea (Ceremonial-grade))

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Origin: Uji Prefecture
Grade: Ceremonial

An essential part of the  ancient Japanese tea ceremony, Matcha, or powdered green tea, is a unique beverage which enjoys a special place among the world's tea drinkers. It is made from young tea leaves harvested in the spring, which is then steamed and dried. The leaves are stone-milled into fine, powdery texture. Unlike tea leaves, Matcha is consumed in its entirety and ergo, we consume all the health benefits that we may obtain from tea.
This grade is particularly produced as a ceremonial-grade that you can enjoy with your tea ritual at home.
How to Prepare Matcha (Traditional)
1) Sift the Matcha powder to remove any lumps.
2) Using a chashaku, put two scoops (1g or 1/3 tsp) of Matcha into the chawan.
3) Add  20 ml of hot water (80°C) into the chawan.
4) With the bamboo whisk (chasen), whisk in a back-and-forth or "W" motion.
5) When a rich foam appears, add another 50 ml of hot water. Whisk some more until it's frothy.

Now, take a deep breath, relax and drink your wonderful Matcha tea.

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