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Oryoqi®️Oribe Chawan

Oryoqi®️Oribe Chawan

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This bowl is a tribute to Tea Master and Chawan designer Furuta Oribe (1544-1651). He was one of Sen no Rikyu's loyal disciples. A Daimyo-samurai and an acknowledged master of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, he collaborated with potters to execute his designs, at that time viewed as frivolous and avant-garde. Oribe ware is one of Japan's surviving ancient glazes along with Tenmoku and Shino.

The Chawan or tea bowl is the ware used in Japanese tea ceremony or chanoyu. The custom goes back at least 500 years and is now considered an art form. Each bowl comes in a wooden box packaging. 

Handmade by Sheryl Ebon Martinez

Only one piece available

Dimension: Approx 5x3.5"

Material: Porcelain

DISCLAIMER: Actual color tint may differ from photos

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